Everyday Memory

The following statements are about minor memory failures everyone experiences from time to time, but we have very little information about just how common they are. The great majority of time these little foibles are harmless, though they do have serious safety implications in industry and everyday life. We want to know how frequently these sorts of things have happened to you.

There are 12 statements.


  1. I remember facts but not where I learned them.



  1. I forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.



  1. I forget to pass on messages (e.g., phone messages).



  1. I forget people's names, even though I rehearsed them.



  1. I double-book myself when scheduling appointments.



  1. I forget to set my alarm.



  1. Even though I put things in a special place I still forget where they are.



  1. I forget people's names immediately after they have introduced themselves.



  1. I forget appointments.



  1. I find I cannot quite remember something though it is on the tip of my tongue.



  1. I forget what I went to the supermarket to buy.



  1. I forget passwords.